Hong Kong 02

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, as seen from Victoria Peak. On the right you can recognize Stonecutters Bridge.

Beautiful sunset sky over Victoria Harbour

If you’re a photographer and you’re in Hong Kong, what could beat the view from Victoria Peak? The answer is simple: a view from Victoria Peak in another direction or at another time of day. This is the view towards the West and the photo was taken at sunset. The ships are moored at the entrance to the Port of Hong Kong, which is one of the busiest ports in the world. On the right you can also recognize Stonecutters Bridge, which connects Nam Wan Kok and Tsing Yi island with Stonecutters Island.

Isn’t this view beautiful? Yes, indeed, but a lot of luck was involved too. As you probably know, air pollution is a serious problem in Hong Kong and parts of China. Smog often shrouds this amazing city and on many days you will not see much from Victoria Peak at all. If you are lucky, however, and the wind blows the smog away, the views from the Peak can be spectacular.

My advice for travel photographers staying in Hong Kong: on smoggy days explore the city on street level and on clear days venture to Victoria Peak or one of several other hills offering great panoramic views, e.g. Lion Rock or Braemar Hill. To check the current visibility you can check the reports of Hong Kong Observatory (the site is available also in English). Foggy views from the Peak can also have their charm, but if it is much too foggy or too smoggy, you simply won’t see much and may end up with a photo showing just… well, fog.

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