Hong Kong 08

Panorama of Hong Kong in Warm, Late Afternoon Light

Panorama of Hong Kong in Warm, Late Afternoon Light

It’s been a while since the last post. To get back on track, let’s show another photo from one of the greatest vantage points for photographers in the whole world – Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

I think this place will never cease to amaze me, at least when the visibility is good. But even when there is smog, this place can have its charm. Smog can look like fog and fog can lend photographs certain mood. At least, when you can actually see something through the fog. During one of my stays in Hong Kong, I decided to take the famous Peak Tram and visit the Peak. The visibility seemed fine while I was in the city. Not great, but OK.

Buying a ticket for the Peak Tram is not an easy task at all. I think I had stood for about two hours in the line, before I got my ticket and could board the tram. A great experience, but only if you have enough patience to stand in such long lines… When I got to the top, I wanted to take some photos. I had my cameras and my tripod with me. But I didn’t take any photos on that evening. Why? Because I could not see a thing through that smog! Absolutely nothing.

But on the day when I took the photo that I am showing today, I could not complain about the visibility at all. It was great, fantastic, spectacular and I spent several hours on Victoria Peak admiring the view and taking many photos. This is not the last one, there will be many more because I like that place so much!

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