Seoul 01

Sunset over Seoul, South Korea

Sunset over Seoul, South Korea

As a fan of East Asian megacities, of course I could not miss the opportunity to visit the South Korean megalopolis of Seoul. The city itself has a population of about 10 million and the metropolitan area is home to more than 24 million people. That is roughly half of the total population of South Korea. Huge!

The city is very modern, very safe and very well-organised. You won’t find much old architecture there and some landmarks that you might think are old, are in fact reconstructed. Seoul might not have too many old landmarks, but it does have something that not many cities can boast and which makes it very picturesque: mountains!

There are so many peaks in Seoul that it must be a dream city for everybody who likes to hike, at least when the weather is OK. The mountainous scenery is also a fantastic thing for photographers, as it not so difficult to find great vantage points. Unfortunately, photography is banned on some mountains, at least you are not allowed to point your camera in certain directions. There is a very strong military presence for example on Inwangsan. The hiking trail there is great and the views too, but if you disregard one of the numerous warning signs and attempt to take photographs, you may run into serious problems.

On some of the other mountains nobody may seem to care if you take photos. I took this photo from Namsan, which is very centrally located and is very recognizable because of the iconic Namsan Tower. To get there you can climb or you can take a taxi or even a public bus. Because of the easy access, the mountain top is full of people when the weather is nice. The views are beautiful, so I can only recommend it, if you’re planning to spend some time in the South Korean megacity.

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